Japanese Vocab Test

This test occurs in two steps. First, 50 random words determine your rough knowledge. Then, 100 more words around your level are tested for a more accurate result. Check the box next to the word if you know the meaning and reading of the word.

Pair this tool with browser extensions such as Rikaikun or Yomichan in order to confirm your knowledge. New learners may want to switch to the Core 10k frequency list in the Advanced Options for better accuracy. Please consider the results from this test as something just for fun!

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Wikipedia frequency list sourced from https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionary:Frequency_lists/Japanese2015_10000. Core 10k frequency list sourced from https://forum.koohii.com/thread-13875.html. This test borrows influences from http://www.testyourvocab.com.

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